Magnetic Attraction

Induction ranges and cooktops are hot commodities these days. We asked Stephen Polloni, president of The Vetta Group – the North American representative for the Italian luxury appliance maker Fulgor Milano – to give us a primer on their advantages and how they work.

S@H How is cooking with induction more efficient and eco-friendly than an electric or gas range?
Energy efficiency is one of the many great benefits of induction cooking, as it is the most efficient at converting energy to usable heat. When using a gas or electric range, some energy is lost into the air surrounding a pot or pan. But with induction, the energy is transferred directly to the cookware. There is also no gas emission or combustion; therefore, no carbon dioxide emissions or residual heat.

S@H How does it work?
SP The inductor under a Fulgor Milano ceramic glass cooking surface is a specially designed copper coil that uses electrical energy to create a magnetic field. Heat is generated when the magnetic field of the coil interacts with ferrous (magnetic) material in the base of the cookware. Essentially, the cookware becomes the heating element.

S@H How much more does an induction range cost?
SP Depending on the style and features, you can generally expect to pay a thousand to a few thousand more for an induction range than a gas or electric range. However, over time, the cost difference will balance out due to increased efficiency, lower energy bills, and lower install costs while enjoying a cleaner, quieter and elevated cooking experience.

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Beginning July 1st, 2022, Distinctive, the largest Quebec-based independent appliance distributor in Canada, will become the official and exclusive Canadian distributor of the Scandinavian appliance brand ASKO. The Swedish manufacturer of cutting-edge products will rely on the strength of Distinctive’s retail network of 300 business partners across the country to maximize its growth in the high-end appliance market.

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