Forbes – Bertazzoni gets the highest score

Surprises When Luxury Consumers Vote For The Best Fitting Home Brands…

Luxury home owners are a discerning bunch. They expect the highest quality performance in the home brands they buy. Not only that, but they also demand a refined level of style. And importantly for brands and retailers, they are more than willing to pay a premium for brands that meet their heightened expectations.

After 18 years of serving brands and retailers in the home space, North Carolina-based integrated brand experience agency, Mode set out to discover the home brands that live up to their promises to these luxury-leaning customers through an extensive research study.

It combines a marketing audit conducted by an expert panel studying the company’s branding and engagement with the perceptions of high-end consumers, including both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.

The consumer sample included only high-income shoppers (HHI $150k and above). It skewed more female, as they were determined to be the primary decision makers in the home and who were most experienced with the brands involved.

The results are a comprehensive study across 16 categories of functional home products–no decorative home furnishings categories were included–measuring 138 unique brands.

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